Posted by: thewideblueyonder | April 23, 2009

Scientific Proof of Global Warming

Written by Brian Liloia

Despite any confusion that you might be facing, the facts on global warming are not up for debate.

It is true that there are some natural causes of global warming. However, there is no doubt amongst the world’s leading experts that the current dangerous warming trend is primarily caused by humans.

Proof From the Experts

Human activities are most likely causing global warming according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. The results of this report are significant since the IPCC is the leading group of scientist that evaluate climate change-related research.

There’s no reason for you to doubt the scientists. There are some people who will attempt to confuse you by claiming that the idea that humans cause climate change is “just a theory” and therefore shouldn’t be taken seriously. But this is a dangerous misrepresentation of how scientists use the word ‘theory’. (If you are interested, you can quickly learn how to stop the spread of this kind of misinformation using these innovative tactics).

The evidence is overwhelming in its support of the theory that humans cause climate change. The most important piece of evidence for you to understand is the direct correlation between the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global average temperatures. As carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased, so has the average temperature on Earth. In fact, many of the activities you do every day contribute to this problem.

You need to understand the basics of scientific theories

You’re probably used to using the word ‘theory’ to indicate that you are uncertain about something. When scientists use the word ‘theory’, they mean it in a different way than you are probably used to using it in casual conversation.

Scientific theories are like facts. Scientific theories are well-tested and generally believed to be true by the scientific community. You don’t doubt the scientific ‘theory’ of gravity because the evidence so overwhelmingly supports it, and popular culture has come to accept it as a fact. However, scientists wouldn’t consider gravity’s existence a fact because they always leave open the possibility that new evidence will lead to a new theory.

Global warming is as accepted as gravity in the sense that human-caused global warming has been researched extensively and almost all scientists believe it is happening.

Are Catastrophic Effects Around the Corner?

There are many dangerous effects from global warming that have the potential to cause the extinction of humanity. Fortunately, there is still time to reduce these effects, but you must take action.

You should start by making sure that everyone has access to good information. That is why it is critically important that you learn to share this proof before it’s too late.

Image credit: flickr via Gilbert R.


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